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Google Knowledge Graph

If you search for “Italy” on Google (, not you’ll have a kind of infobox on the right hand side of the result page with some infos about the country. What is interesting is that you can follow the links on that side to other objects related to Italy, for example the Colosseum that shows a map of the place with more links. You might not be aware but you’re following a different kind of search. In the same page you can follow the usual pattern from a document to another document about the country (left hand side) or a new one from an object to another object (right hand side). On the right hand side you can also follow some meaningful (semantic) properties that relate one object to the other. For instance ‘Architects’ is a relation that links the Colosseum to the roman emperor Vespasian. It is easy to imagine what other (paid) relationships can be added to those objects in the very near future.

Introducing the Knowledge Graph: things, not strings